God or Money

Every summer I like to dig into a good, purpose-filled book, and while strolling though my local library, I stumbled upon this book titled, Jesus, Money, and Me. I was skeptical at first, as money is always a debatable topic, as is in our own home. But, I thought what could it hurt? If I come to disagree with the author in multiple occurrences, I can always stop reading.

So, over the past week, I have found myself glued to this title. To my surprise, Dr. Ron Jones does a beautiful job relating scripture to the ever so touchy subject of money. It has moved me and my own view of finances so much, I thought I would share some of the key highlights. This can be especially helpful to those who may not enjoy reading books, or just don’t have the time ūüėČ

So, back to money. Does it make your cringe when you hear the word? What about developing a sense of fear or worry? Do I have enough in the bank? How much is enough? Do I really need a budget? What does God think of my expenses? Does God even care about money? These are all common questions we may ask ourselves as we become an adult and gain our own responsibilities.¬†Let’s break down some of these questions and study them in detail..

Does God care about money? Did you know 16 of the 38 parables Jesus told have a money or stewardship theme to them? 1 out of every 10 verses in the Gospels, 288 altogether, deal with the subject of money. It is said that someone counted almost 2,300 verses on money, wealth, and material possessions. Let’s compare that to 500 verses on prayer, 500 on faith. So, I dare you to ask that question again. Go ahead… Does God care about money? You bet He does!

Scripture says this: “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Matthew 6:24

Money is so important to God, that He warns us of it becoming a god. He says we have a choice, we can either serve Him or we can serve the green paper we carry in our pocket. It is impossible to serve both.

Do I have enough? The key word here is “I’. We need to realize that money was never ours in the first place. The first problem with our view of money is that we think that we are the owners. God desires us to think of ourselves as the investor. Rather than piling up treasures on earth, Jesus wants us to invest in eternal things. Think about when you invest in the stock market. You take a chance, you are uncertain of the return you will receive. Your investment in stocks will eventually rot, rust, or fade away. An investment in heaven, on the other hand, is eternal. Never fading,and yields a huge return. That’s right, you shall receive a hundred times as much when you inherit eternal life. Don’t believe me? Read God’s words in Matthew 19;29. God trust us with his money. How will you invest it?

They say a quick look at your checkbook is also a simple glance at one’s heart. Go ahead, take a look! Where is God’s money going? Are you buying a handful of material possessions? How much are you giving? Are you even giving? This leads us to our next question..

How much is enough? Since you can’t take the cash with you to the grave, the alternative is to give it away! Yes, give it away! God doesn’t place a price tag on giving. It does come down to the condition of our¬†hearts. Jesus is very clear in scripture that if we give to God, He gives to us in return. You can experience the pleasure of God when you give.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

As piercing as that may sound, it is true. The book gives a multitude of examples of normal people, like ourselves, who have truly experienced an indescribable joy when they gave. Giving will lead us to ultimate financial freedom- yes freedom to give generously. According to Jesus, the next purchase we make is not what guarantees happiness, no matter how amazing that item may be. Lasting joy and fulfillment in life is truly made by those who give with their whole heart.

So are you telling me it is bad to purchase material things? What if I already invest in stocks? Will God frown upon such things? The answer is no. Think about it, everything around us was, at some time, bought at a price. Even ourselves were bought at a price! Christ died on the cross and paid the penalty of our sins, so we can live. That is the greatest purchase of all! What makes it even better is that, He bought us without expecting anything in return. We received an undeserved favor from God, and the least He expects us to do is use His money wisely. God purchased our redemption, is not the Kingdom of God worth the investment of our time, lives, money, and material things? God knows the condition of your heart each time you are in the checkout. Just think before you swipe or hand the cash to the clerk. Ask yourself, what am I hoping to gain from this purchase? Trust me, it will change the way you shop (in a good way).

Last, but not least,¬†how do we truly become¬†financially¬†free?¬†Dr. Ron Jones does a beautiful job answering this question. Of course he had the help of scripture ūüôā

“Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” ¬†Hebrews 1 3:5

Ron says, “There you have it. A person is financially free when he or she is free from the love of money. Contentment-not consumption-is the path to financial freedom.” Are you sick of money constantly being the fixation of your heart and mind? God is enough. He is the one true source of all we need. The first step, is believing and trusting that truth. It’s up to you. Who or what will rule your life? God or money…

Inspired and quoted from the book-Jesus, Money, and Me: Discovering the Link Between Your Money and Your Faith


Legalism vs. Grace

It’s the battle I face every second of every day. The challenge between living by the law or accepting¬†grace.

From the moment we leave our mother’s womb, we are taught to do what is morally good. That the law protects us from harm and overall makes us better citizens of society.¬†So, what happens when law and religion collide? We can become excessively consumed by the formula to do good in exchange for eternal life. This becomes legalism. We become dependent on law rather than on a personal, redefined relationship with the One who created the law in the first place. We¬†become focused on religion, rather than on the relationship.

I am not saying that laws are bad, but we must be careful when the law defines us, and more importantly, defines our faith.

Thousands of years ago, God created the 10 commandments. They weren’t created to control our lives, but rather He created them out of love for us. They were meant to protect us, not consume us.

Unfortunately, a particular religious system had a negative impact on my view of God and His law. As a young child sitting in the church pews every Sunday, I believed that if I didn’t live up to each of the 10 commandments, I wouldn’t “make it” to heaven. I thought if I did good works¬†and if I went to church each week, I’d be okay. Each good act of following the law was one more check mark I earned to enter the gates of Heaven. And if I messed up, I was in big trouble.

Now, my intention is not to bash (or judge) the systematic approach to religion, but rather share my personal testimony as to why I walked away from religion and became a non-denominational Christian. Many wonder and ask, and here is my response.

The apostle Paul warns us of legalism in Colossians 2:20-23 as it is essentially the opposite of grace.

‚ÄúSince you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world, why, as though you still belonged to it, do you submit to its rules: ‚ÄėDo not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!‚Äô?

These are all destined to perish with use, because they are based on human commands and teachings.  Legalists may appear to be righteous and spiritual, but legalism ultimately fails to accomplish God’s purposes because it is an outward performance instead of an inward change.

For years, I thought my faith was to be an “outward performance”. For 18 years of my life, my faith was exhausting. I was climbing this never ending ladder to get to God. However, I did experience an inward change when I went to college. I’ll admit, it wasn’t a easy change. I had to decide if I wanted to continue believing in earning my faith, or accept that God loves me as who I am, and if I believe in Him, I shall be saved-without works. I knew I would sin. I am human and mess up. So, I told myself I was going to accept God’s grace and get down from my works ladder and allow His cross to bridge the gap. That is the gap of sin, which separates us from God. Or as others view, the veil the divides us from Christ. ¬†So to accept the grace (for myself), I had to make the hard decision to leave my religion. Which meant, leaving my childhood church, leaving friends, and family. And no, it was NOT easy. But, for the first time in my life, I felt relief of guilt and shame. For the first time, I felt loved and accepted by the Creator of this world. For the first time, I accepted grace. God forgave me of my sins with no expectation of an outward performance in exchange. I no longer felt like I¬†had to earn it. Ahhh, thank you Jesus! After walking away from religion, I came to know the Lord on a whole new personal level. There are not enough words to express the joy I now have in my life. God rocked my world and I have never looked back. The gift of grace is open to anyone, my friends! All you must do is believe it and accept it. It doesn’t matter what church you go to!

“If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9

That’s it! Just believe in Him and accept His love and mercy. If you do, you will never see the world the same! You will never see God the same! Your love for Him will be indescribable ‚̧

But, unfortunately, legalism still lurks in my heart. Due to the never ending teachings as a child, I struggle with experiencing God’s grace every day. I struggle with following the rules to a tee, and if I don’t, it ruins my whole day. It affects my personal walk with the Lord. It gives me anxiety and fear-things I unfortunately experienced in my religion. Some days, I don’t feel “good enough”. Similar thoughts I had as a child. Many days, I beat myself up when I make a mistake. Some of those days, I do the same to my spouse. Thankfully, I have a loving, gracious husband who chooses to love me like Christ does and points me back to the Truth.

Remember, everybody’s story is different. This is the¬†answers to why God lead me where He did. Please know He can do the same for you in a systematic religion. I am not asking you to leave your church, this¬†is just¬†my story. This is my heartfelt letter to you. So, do you want to¬†be boggled down by the chains of the law, or rather allow God’s love and mercy overwhelm you and shape you into a wonderful being you were made to be? The¬†choice is yours!

What Do You Crave?

Do you rely on food more than you rely on God? Truth is, I do. It’s been a battle as long as I can remember. Grade school¬†friends to this day say they remember my “secret candy stashes” and Starburst for breakfast every time they came over. I mean, who wants to be remembered that way? Talk about embarrassing!

Worst yet, to this day, I am sad to admit that I still have those candy stashes in my house… I know the long term affects and the current ones it has on my waistline. BUT, it’s just sooooooo good! My taste buds love me! I just tell myself, “It’s a reward!” Or, if I had a bad day, “I deserve this candy bar.”

News flash and heart conviction for today is: My long time sugar craving is NOT okay. For years, I’ve believed in the lie that everyone has a weakness and this is mine. It’s not really a problem. I mean, what’s wrong with a few treats?

Jesus has whispered to me today, “Lyndsey, I want you to give up the one thing you crave more than me. Then, come follow me.” Ouch.

I’ll admit that I like the instant gratification it gives me, the comfort it provides. But, doesn’t all sin do this? It is temporary, but God is not! Did you know we were made to crave?? God designed us to eagerly desire Him, and Him alone-NOT food! I need to pursue the “right” craving. I know I have a problem, and I need God’s help. Through the power of prayer and God’s Truth, I can conquer this long time battle. The more saturated I become with the Truth, the more powerful I can be in resisting the temptations. Also, I can use the food cravings as my prompt to pray! I also need to be motivated to eat differently. Numbers on a scale and change of pant sizes is not enough. It has to be more than just about me…

  • I want to eat differently so I can grow spiritually, mentally, and physically.
  • I want to eat differently for my spouse. I desire to be an example & meet his physical needs.
  • I want to eat differently for my future children. I desire to have healthy babies.

I was made to crave. Will the craving become a curse or a blessIng? The choice is mine..

Thoughts inspired by the book, Made to Crave 

Knock, Knock..Who’s There?

If you are reading this to find the answer to my joke, well you’ve come to the wrong place.

The message I am about to share is no joke. I warn you that this particular blog will make you examine one’s heart. It won’t be easy, but worth it. It may be painful, but rewarding. I promise, it’s worth the read..

A few years into college, I heard a life-changing message. It was hard at the moment, but I will be forever grateful for listening and applying. This message has moved me so much, that I have shared it with countless youth and children, who too can relate with their fun imagination.

Let’s all think about our home for the next few seconds. What main rooms do you have in a standard home?

A Kitchen? Maybe a few bedrooms and bathrooms? Living room, maybe even an office or study? What about a front door? Or maybe a main door where everyone enters and leaves..

Okay, now let’s imagine our heart as our home. I know, I know. This is crazy talk, but just bear with me! A home is where one dwells. We can decide who lives in the home of our heart. It’s the place where our¬†spirit thrives, therefore we must be careful who enters as guest, and who we choose to permanently stay. For one special guest is always seeking to make home in our hearts. He knocks every moment of every day, waiting for you to let Him in. He is saying:

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” Revelation 3:20

For Christ is knocking at the door of your heart. He is always seeking you, never forsaking you. He wants to join you in this life. Open the door between you and let Him in. He will accept your heart (home) and plan to stay. However, you are the owner of one’s heart, so it is up to you if you invite Jesus to stay.

I warn you, as is with living with any other person, inviting Christ into our life will be a transition. A challenge to say the least. But I promise you, it is worth it! Once you invite Him to stay, you must allow Him to see the home. And I mean every room of the house.

If you are like me, anytime someone comes to Jared and I’s¬†home, I am frantic about what my guest may see. If I know ahead a time that people may be arriving, I take time to clean the rooms and make sure everything is in¬†place. Can you relate?

Well our heart can’t be cleaned as easily. It takes time. It more importantly requires change of habit, or should I say change of heart…

Let’s now imagine the rooms of our heart all representing different aspects of our life…

Kitchen: food, idolatry

Living Room: friendships, media, games

Study/Office: work, school

Bedroom: pleasures, marriage, loving relationships

Bathroom: identity, self-image

The list can go on and on, depending on how you live your life..

The point is, we need to let God in every single room of the house. We need to allow God to have access to our “unclean” habits. Allow Him to help you clean up your heart. Open the door, repent, and accept His grace. If we are willing to allow God in every aspect of our life, we are going to realize that dirty habits and lifestyle decisions need to be cleaned up, and¬†made new.

Oh, must I not forget our “junk” room in the house. This may be in the garage, or a hidden closet. These rooms are usually filled to the brim with old boxes that usually forms¬†dust and are rarely opened. Can you think of that room in your house? We all have them.. Now, must I say we also have this secret, “junk” room in our heart. We store secret habits and sins in this place. There are things of our past that we must dare not let anyone see. We think boxing it up and¬†storing away will fix it. But somehow, it still always gets in the way. It takes up space, and our thoughts. Now, I ask, can you let Jesus see this room? It’s the hardest one of all…But oh the relief it brings once you let Him see! Share the things in each box. Allow Him to help you clean it up. Sweep and mop the floors, throw away the boxes! It’s time to remodel the heart!

So, the question now is, will you answer the door? It’s up to you..

Not Your Typical Sunday School Lesson

My husband I spend each Sunday morning serving at our local church as Sunday school teachers. This past month, I decided to take on a huge project with my 4th and 5th graders. I initially found out about this idea at a summer mission camp a few years ago. I always pictured this project in my mind, but never found the time to embrace it. When we completed a lesson that somewhat resembled this project, I told myself it was time to do it! No excuses this time. This project would not only be for the kids, but a great reminder for myself as well.

The lesson was broken down into two weeks as it was too much to learn and digest in one day (even for an adult)!

I began by sharing this very verse:

¬†“We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” Isaiah 64:8

Students quickly identified that we are the clay, God is the potter. The lesson continued on with each student receiving their very own clay pot. Students could then spend some time painting their pot to resemble who they are. As we painted, we discussed our unique gifts and talents. Students had to describe their personality in 3 words. It was interesting to see what students came up with on their pots. The phrases and pictures they created were fascinating. Here are some wonderful examples:

Yellow: representing a young girls desire to be bright and a favorite color

Smiles: because she thought it was her best feature

Dots: because she is creative and loves crafts

Green: the boy loves the grass and being outside

At the end of day one, it was great to line up these beautiful, colorful clay pots on the windowsill. It was a great visual for us all. How we are each special and different. How God has created you and I all so differently. No 2 pots were the same.

After painting our pots,  we took time to celebrate and be thankful for how the Lord has created us.

Day two was much more thrilling, especially for my little guys!

I started the day with this verse:

“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

Students now had to take their beautiful pot creations, place them in a baggy, and CRUSH them with a hammer. It was interesting to see the facial expressions on each student. The girls said, “No way! I want to plant pretty flowers in mine.” While the boys were fighting over who could smash theirs first. It was quite hilarious¬†to witness. I didn’t want to be the mean teacher that day, but everyone had¬†to crush their pots.

After each pot was broken, my wonderful hubby glued pieces of their pots back together. As this point, the children had no clue what was going on. As by hubby was hard at work gluing, I asked each students to take a piece of paper and write their name in the center. Students then had to write specific ways they are broken around their name. Some students were private with this while others were not afraid to share. Students were free to do as they wish with their piece of paper. It was a special time for each student to think hard and write down their sins. It was great to see many of the children accept and write down their wrongs.

After everyone was completed with their worksheets, including myself, I stood in front of the class and drew a cross on the board. I asked students what this cross meant to them. Almost all shared their belief in the cross and what Jesus did for you an I. It was such a great moment and opportunity to share the love of Christ to those in that room that day. After expressing the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I wrote broken on the board. It was a time to connect our brokenness on the worksheets with the cross. ¬†Students were starting to believe that Jesus died for them, despite their failures and shortcomings. After the “aha” moment for many, it was time to shred the worksheets at our desk. It was time to FREE ourselves of the sin and be guilt free. What a relieving moment for all!

Another great idea for this part of the lesson is taking out shaving¬†cream, spreading it on a table, and allowing each student to write their sins in the cream. After confessing them to the Lord, allow them to “wipe their slate clean” and be “white as snow”. I have learned that tangible activities are the best for little ones ūüėČ

Once this activity was completed, it was time to come back to our pots. This time, they were not as pretty as before. Each student stared at their piece, some almost in tears to see all their hard work destroyed! Little did they know that this pot was a true representation of themselves. We are each broken. Even though we each have special gifts and talents, we each have sin and weaknesses that may define us.

After the pots were handed out, each one was given a candle to place in their pot. Lights were turned off and candles were lit. Each pot beautifully displayed a shining light. Each crack, a light shown through. Each broken crack was made beautiful in its time. For some, they started to get it! They made the connection with their pot. For others, it was time to explain.

Each crack represents a different trial and broken feature of oneself. With God’s grace and help, His light shines through those cracks. Through our brokenness, God is made known. As the candles continued to light the room, we each took a time of silence to confess our sins with the One who forgives and forgets. We each expressed gratitude to our Father and what He has done for us.

The kids took their pots home that day. I only pray, over time, those pots can be lit again and remind them of their brokenness and the One who saves. I pray for each child’s heart, life, family, and friends. I pray that clay pot can shine bright in their home. I pray that each child can be bold and share their pot with others. I pray that this project can continue with other children around the world. May you read this blog and decide to take on the project as well. Whether its with your own child or in another Sunday school class. As much as it has encouraged me, I only hope it can be a life changer for those little hearts.

The Danger of Embracing “Happily Ever After”

We all have a story. It is filled with pages upon pages of personal experiences. Life is full of memories, whether truly memorable or those moments we try every day to forget. However, we cannot hide from the fact that we each have a story.

Some of us may not truly know our full story. But for most of us, we know the¬†deepest darkest moments of our life, and choose not to bring them back to the surface. Reality is each story is remarkably unique. I mean, it is your story. It’s what makes you, YOU. It defines you. It has shaped you into the being you are today. We can’t avoid it and we can’t permanently hide from it.

Beauty of your story is that you can use it. You can embrace it, and allow other readers just like you relate to it. It can drastically change the lives of others, who surprisingly may be dealing or venturing through the same chapters of life you are.

So today,I have decided to embrace my story. For years, I thought I knew everything about myself. I was confident in the person I thought I was. It wasn’t until a Man came knocking on the door of my heart, entered in, and day by day, slowly starting knocking down barrier walls that prevented me from truly seeing who I was.

Little by little, I began breaking down, walls were torn, and all I could do was surrender the pen of my life. God graciously took the pen and began rewriting a beautiful masterpiece.


As young as I could remember,¬†I fantasized over the Disney princess movies. Visions of my prince charming were imprinted on my heart. I valued the idea that life doesn’t begin or true happiness doesn’t occur until the princess and her prince ride away on the magical carriage and “live happily ever after”. For years, I was convinced that having Mr. Right would chase all my blues away. Not much after my third birthday, I became memorized by this idea/fantasy.

I grew up in your typical, average American home. I grew up with both parents and two older sisters. Much of my free time was spent playing Barbies, taking care of a family of my own, which consisted of 7 baby dolls, a stroller, and dress up clothes that allowed me to be a “mommy” at the age of three, or so I thought. Who knows how many hours were spent watching the video cassettes of the classic Disney movies?? My mom can even tell you to this day that I wouldn’t take my daily nap until I heard the sounds of the classical “Beauty and the Beast”.

Little did I know, that my mind was being warped with this disillusionment that would later drastically break my heart. To this day, I thank the Lord for showing me that this idea can only be a fantasy, and that is just what it is. An idea that is impossible to live by, and completely imaginative.

You could say that my dad really enforced this fantasy growing up. I don’t blame my dad, because I am very grateful for the father the Lord has given me. However, my dad is not your typical affectionate man. So by the age of 16, my eyes and heart were fixed on the idea of a relationship or a boy who can give me that true happiness I never experienced before. This idea that maybe one day, I too can “live happily ever after”. You could say in my early years of high school, my identity was found in boys.

Fasting forward into college, my life was in a whirlwind of many different relationships and yet I felt discontent. It wasn’t until my Senior year of college that God literally took everything from me so I could become recklessly abandoned or fully surrendered to Him.

Two years before this, I was in a serious, committed relationship with a man. My heart was fully thrown into this idea that he will make me happy. Little did I know that a drastic breakup would shatter these hopes and dreams. I spent a whole summer weeping and believing my life was over. Again, I didn’t realize that God was calling me to full abandonment at that moment, and wanting the pen of my life. Sometimes God must take everything from us, just so we can finally lay at His feet and trust His perfect plans for us. It was in those dark depressing summer days that I put my full trust in Jesus Christ and realized He is my One. God is the only One who can fully satisfy me. I can say that Summer 2012 will be one that I never forget.

I encourage you to take a moment and read Mark 14: 3-9 

In the days when Jesus was on earth, when a young woman reached the age of availability for marriage, her family would purchase an alabaster box for her to fill with precious ointments. The size of the box and precious ointments depended on the wealth of the family. When a young man came to ask for her in marriage, she would respond by taking the alabaster box and breaking it at his feet. This gesture of anointing his feet showed him honor.

What the woman did here in this story showed that she found Jesus worthy of such a sacrifice and honor. She gave her all to Jesus. Yes this woman was a sinner, but this person wisely broke her alabaster box in the presence of the only One who can make a woman’s dreams come true.

So, what are you holding in that alabaster box? What is something you hold close to your heart? Is your box full of fantasies that began as a little girl when you listened to and watched fairy tales about an enchanted couple? Can you take your alabaster box to Jesus and break it at His feet? If you can respond to Jesus in this manner, fully surrendering yourself to Him, He will satisfy all your hopes and dreams.

I had to learn this the hard way, but I believe God can use my story to help and protect other women from making the same exact mistakes. Becoming a woman of reckless abandonment to my heavenly Father would make all my dreams come true.

Even through that life-changing time in my life, God was doing amazing things by restoring an old relationship from that time I was 16 years old. That man is now my husband.¬†We can now both rest assured that with a relationship set on the foundation of our heavenly Father, we can live a life that¬†may not be “happily ever after”, but rather a life where God can be glorified.

In the end, my story may not  be fully written as I thought it would, but it has already become a far greater story than I could ever write on my own. I thank you Jesus!

Biblical Submission: The Last Thing a Woman Wants to Hear

Many women, including myself, for many years are confused and sometimes hostile about what it means for a wife to be “submissive” to her husband. I mean, who wants to be placed under the authority of someone else?? I remember weeks before I turned 18, I was eager with excitement, knowing that soon no one would have to tell me what to do anymore. It didn’t take long for reality to set in and learn that there will always be someone telling me what to do. But God has shown me this is not necessarily a bad thing, but good. It’s a part of God’s plan. Everyone must live under authority! God knows what is best for each person. Despite the imperfections of a husband, God still calls each wife to be under the authority of her husband.

Waaaaiiiiiit!!! Hold on! Pause! You are telling me that I need to give up my desires, goals, and dreams and submit to another person who could ultimately never give me what I want? I already have someone looking over me at work! You are saying I must come home from a nagging boss and listen to someone else? Annnd show love out of respect? Even when they make mistakes? And do all of this with complete joy? No way!

Ladies, can we all admit that thoughts like this appear in the back of our mind the first time we hear about a wife’s submission. The world has deceived us! The culture’s belief is that women find their full identity and worth in their education and career, not Christ. You may never fully comprehend all the reasons why God does what He does, but we should trust that He has our best interest in mind. Our perspective is temporal, self-seeking. This is our sinful nature. But God’s perspective is eternal and perfect. He cares for our needs and knows the best way to protect us. For women, that’s being under the authority of our spouse. God clearly described the woman’s submissive role in the New Testament:

“But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 11:3

“For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He himself being the Savior of the body.” Ephesians 5:23

Okay, admit it! This is hard to accept, and worse yet, apply to our very own lives!¬†Truth is, we can’t do it on our own effort. However, if you believe in God’s power, He will provide everything you need to live out this role. Only He can give you the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to enable you to show true love and respect towards your husband.

It can be even harder to trust your husband that he is trusting God with your marriage and life. Talk about having faith! I have to renew my mind each day with God’s truth.

“And we know that Gad causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him..” Romans 8:28

“As for God, his way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him.” Psalm 18:30

“But, as it is written, What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him‚ÄĚ 1 Corinthians 2:9

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Psalms 3:5-6

When I was in the dating stage of my life, I was like most women. I laughed at the words “biblical submission”. I didn’t even want to think about it because I wouldn’t be doing it. However, since getting engaged and recently married, God has clearly convicted me that submission is theeee way that all Christians should respond to God and in my case the way a wife should respond to her husband. Day by day, I am learning how to honor God and show love to my husband by responding in submission. This means responding with tenderness, gentleness, and gracious obedience to your husband, unless he ask of you to sin. Biblical submission is not necessarily always what I would naturally do, but I pray my motivation should be greater than my own selfish goals, dreams, and desires. I have learned that a wife will never be what the Lord wants her to be until she graciously and joyfully comes under the authority of her husband.

Now- some of you may be me some 3 years ago. Thinking this will never apply to you or maybe you simply don’t believe in it. Maybe your angry and refuse to allow God and man have authority over you life. But I ask that you to at least look further into biblical submission and ponder it or better yet, pray about it. Over time, God revealed that by putting myself under Jared’s authority, I am putting myself in the safest possible place-God’s will.¬†Biblical submission is far greater than my own plans for my life. I can rest assured in this promise and so should you..